How to Make an Awesome Music Video in a City like Toronto

These days anyone can create a music video and upload it on the web. However, it’s something else entirely to create an awesome music video that will get people talking and have it go viral. Here are the factors that separate the great videos from the run of the mill.


If you watch the greatest music videos of all time, the one trait they share in common is originality. If your video isn’t unique there’s no way people will be able to distinguish  your video from the rest.

Why Not Tell a Story?

Telling a story will keep people hooked on your video and will make them want to watch from beginning to end. It doesn’t have to be conventional; don’t let the traditions and conventions restrict your storytelling, because all that matters is the viewer is satisfied in the end.

While you’re creating a video, keep in mind that there’s no need to match the content with the lyrics. It can be totally different, and that’s all right provided the content is meaningful in its own way.

Pay Attention to Video Production

No matter what the music video is about, you cannot overlook video production. Today’s viewers are very intelligent and they can tell the difference, so make sure that yours is handled by professionals who know the tricks of the trade.

The Song Must be Good

Last but not the least, the song has to be good, because at the end of the day, people will remember both your video and the song, so make sure both are worth remembering.


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