The Best Music Venues in Toronto

Another reason why tourists love the city of Toronto despite its hectic environment is the fact that it has the best music venues in the entire country. Plus, many thriving independent musicians keep the town alive and lively by playing their music of different genres in various corners of the city. What’s even more exciting is that Toronto is not only limited to bars and pubs but it also has historic concert halls where great crowds and renowned artists share their talents and affair for music. Three of most visited and beloved music venues are the following.

  1. Dakota Tavern

If you’re looking for a pub with a good laidback atmosphere, cold beer, and of course, a live music, then Dakota Tavern is the place to go. What’s even more interesting with the Dakota Tavern is that they serve big platters of delectable food from breakfast to late night, and have various genres of bands that differ every week, like blues, country, bluegrass bands and many more. Plus, the barista gives beer samples to customers to help them decide on which beer pint they’ll have to start the night.

  1. Massey Hall

On a different note, if you feel like going to a classic, historic kind of music venue, the Massey Hall is a great place to drop by. The grand old concert hall hosts hundreds of concerts from different genres possible and even musical and stage acts. The “Grande Dame” of all the music halls of Toronto has 2,700 seats available. Hence, one can surely get comfortable seats to get relaxed after a long day of work and tours.

Massey Hall

  1. Lee’s Place

Last but not the least, is the Lee’s Place. This is, however, different from the first two. This is where you’ll go if you love rock, loud, live bands. Seats are placed at the sides and a pit for dancing is set up front. When visiting Lee’s Place, new comers should expect mosh pits, lot of dancing and long night of rock music and party. Over all, Lee’s Place is just right for musically inclined people who would appreciate a crowd in a rather small and intimate place.

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