The Top 5 All Time Toronto Rappers

Toronto is not just known for its fun and exciting pubs and jaw dropping historical halls but it is also known for having several  of the most talented and famous rappers in the entire country. The top five rappers who are celebrated and have brought the city’s pride are as follows:

    1. Choclair

Kareem Blake, also known as Choclair is considered one of the top 5 all time rappers in Toronto. He is known as one of the influential leaders of the Canadian hiphop regeneration from the mid to the late 90’s. He was also popular because of his hit album “Ice Cold” and single “Let’s Ride”, which won a “SOCAN” award. He has had 5 albums and his latest one was “Flagship” back in the year 2006.

  1. Dream Warriors

The Dream Warriors is composed of a duo, Capital Q. and King Lou. The duo has been known in Toronto because of their contribution to the jazz rap movement in the early 1990’s. Their album, “And Now The Legacy Begins” is considered as one of the best alternative hip hop records of the golden age. They have had 4 albums in which the latest is “The Legacy Continues”, released in the year 2002.

  1. K-Os

Another famous all time rapper in Toronto is Kevin Brereton, famously known as k-os. He has been one of the country’s leading hip hop stars. His music is focused on spiritual and positive message, created with a diversity of genres which include jazz, reggae, funk, rap and rock.


  1. Maestro

Another celebrated artist in the hip hop scene is Wesley Williams, popularly known as Maestro. Recognized as the “godfather” of Canadian hip-hop, Maestro is the first Canadian rapper who has had a Top 40 hit,”Let Your Backbone Slide”, which at this day continues to be the best selling single in the Canadian hip-hop history.

Kardinal Offshall

  1. Kardinal Offishall

Popularly known as Kardinal Offishall, Jason D. Harrow is considered not only one of the best rappers in Toronto but also the best hip-hop producers of the country. He is acknowledged as the “Hip-hop ambassador”, has released 5 albums, and has won 10 awards since the year 1999. The latest award “Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for ‘Can’t Choose’” was just given this year.

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