What the Interior of Your Music Studio Says About Your Musical Style

Your music says a lot about you, but so does the interior of your music studio. Maybe you’ve got all the gear, but the way you set it up and how the studio is arranged speaks volumes about the singer / songwriter. Here are some examples, so you can check where you fit in.

Studio Space

Some musicians work in large, spacious studios, not just because they can afford it, but because it’s the kind of setting that gets their creative juices flowing. If this is you, then you’re the kind who plays with a lot of instruments, does a lot of editing and works with several musicians and songs.

If your studio is small, then you prefer to work alone and focus more on songwriting than anything else. Really if you’re going to focus on writing songs, all you need is a pen and paper (or a mobile device).

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Your walls can either make your music studio seem like a bright happy place, or a miserable lonely place.  Choosing the right colors is key, which is why I highly recommend hiring a painter company in Toronto to help you create a highly quality interior space.  I have used Greater Toronto Painters before, and they’ve done an excellent job for me.


Some music studios are complete with sofas, furniture, appliances, meeting rooms and kitchens, and this indicates you’re the musician who lives, breathes and sleeps in the place. In other words, you’ve made the music studio your home. On the other hand, there are music studios that only have the recording equipment and nothing more. In this case, it’s obvious that you only go there when you need to record, and you don’t spend as much time there, only when necessary.

Recording Equipment Installed

If you see a music studio complete with all the gear, acoustics, latest software and all the bells and whistles, it tells you he / she works on all aspects of the music, and exercises plenty of control. On the other hand, a studio with barebones equipment is indicative of someone who writes and sings relatively simple songs, and probably relies mostly on the guitar for the work and composition.

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